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Stories from Clients

Care One Home Health Services, Inc. finds honor in caring for others. Here are some of what patients have to say about their experiences with us.

My name is Norma Kleis. I am so thankful that I came to live here at Sheldon Meadows. When I came to live here, I was in a wheelchair all the time. I started therapy with Care One Home Health Services, Inc. and through their expertise and a lot of hard work; faithfully doing my exercises, I can now walk on my own without using a walker. I praise the Lord for His faithfulness and providing me with excellent therapy to help me reach my goal, and get me where I am today. Thank You Care One!

Norma Kleis

I am so grateful for the Staff at Care One Home Health Services, Inc.
I want to thank Matt my patient care coordinator and Rudy and Denise who provided my Physical Therapy, for their high level of professionalism, Kindness and Patience.

Shirley Howard

Hi, my name is Sandy Hatter.
On September 11, 2015 I had a total knee replacement done. I knew that I would need Physical Therapy to gain back the use of my leg. I needed to gain back strength to walk. I called Matt Ryan with Care One Home Health Services, Inc. Matt was very kind and immediately put me with the right people.

Karen Gardner became my PTA therapist. I was setup with a daily program in my home to help me with getting my leg to working great again.

She was there to listen to my concerns and problems I may be having. They show you how to make your home safe, keep track of how you felt from your session the day before. I enjoyed there company and their knowledge of knowing what they are doing.

Thank you Karen, Matt and Care One Home Health Services, Inc. for the great service you have done for me.

Sandy Hatter

My Husband and I would like to express our appreciation for the services provided by Care One Home Health Services, Inc. at our independent living facility. We especially thank CareOne for the home health care they provided us and also the activities like exercise class put on by our care coordinator Matt Ryan. My husband says that the only way we could improve the class is if we could clone Matt, if he would not be able to lead us.

CareOne has provided excellent caring Physical Therapist for us in the comfort of our own home and we are thankful for Rudy, Matt and Denise for helping us.

Rena Hassler, Hopewoods